On the offer the following items are specified:

circulation the number of copies you wish to order
format het format of the book
range the number of pages inside the book
type of paper
standard type of paper inside
printing the inside in black or color
cover paper
standard type of paper
press cover
number of colors
version method of finishing / for instance sewn paperbound
packing multi-packed in boxes
delivery based on the supply of press-ready pdf

Below are the prices for printing and finishing based on the above information.

Under the heading option is often an additional charge per copy for additional copies, but this may also be additional costs for i.e. different types of paper, ISBN registration, etc.

Supplying a press-ready file, one hour studio work is included. When the files are correct then there is no more than 1 hours to turn this check, to make a printer test, and to present it to you for approval.
All those extra hours which needed for example for the design and layout of the cover and invitationcards, switching pages or correct pages, are calculated by deducting the first hour. Any additional work will also be discussed with you before this is implemented.

Each production is obviously different and maybe you have specific needs. Don’t hesitate and inform one of the employees at our studio so we can offer you a custom listing.

Digital delivery up to one hour studio work: for free!