The proposition sheet is printed (free of charge) at our office, so the production time is much shorter than that of the book, namely approximately 1 week. So, if you send us the proposition approximately ten days prior to the agreed delivery date, we can have them ready on the day your books are delivered.

You can send us either a pdf file or a MSwordfile. Pdf, however, usually means less work for us, and lower cost for you.
When providing pdf, we recommend the following:

  • The size should be 16 to 23.5 cm, so you’ll be able to insert it into the book.
  • According to the promotional regulations of the University of Maastricht, you must have at least 8, but no more than 11 propositions. Four propositions must cover the topic of the thesis and four propostions should relate to the discipline of the PhD student, other than the subject of the thesis. Additional propositions, however, do not have to relate to the topic of the thesis or the discipline of the candidate. The supervisor must agree to the propositions. See
  • It is customary that the statements concerning the dissertation, end with (this thesis).
  • It is recommended that the promotion state your name, the title of the thesis, and the date.

To much text for your positions? Consider the following options;

  • Two-sided printing on a single sheet of 16 to 23.5 cm, unfolded (free)
  • Two-sided printing on A4, to be folded by yourself to A5 size. (Free)
  • Two-sided printing on a sheet of 31 to 23 cm, which we will fold for you to 15.5 cm. (Charges depending on the amount. If you are interested in this option, please contact us)