computer1Of course we can help!
Datawyse offers informative workshops, usually one on one with the author, but occasionally also available for groups. We will explain how to deal with styles in Word, clean up the text, and give many helpful tips and tricks. Do you know, for example, how to make (changing) running titles, without using those pesky sections? We reveal all the secrets!

We guarantee this will save you time, because during the workshop we work on your own document. By the end of the workshop your document could be almost finished, and you will have learned things which will be usefull for the rest of your career. With the implemented styles, the document will be much easier to handle if you want to make further lay-out changes.

The costs are charged on an hourly basis and will differ from one person to another. We let you decide how much time you need. On average this takes about 4 hours.