Making books is our job!

For almost 20 years Datawyse has been producing books. Because the majority of our clients have little or no experience with making a book, they often find it very pleasing that Datawyse has such great expertise in guiding clients through the publication of his or her book.

Een voorbeeld van een dissertatieBecause of this expertise, it is possible for Datawyse to work à la carte, which means that we can offer an appropriate solution for nearly every question. Whether it is a dissertation, study guide, textbook, liber amicorum or a fpmily book, Datawyse knows what you want and will then make an appropriate proposal to you.

Personal attention has a high priority with us. We are not simply an “Internet” printer, but a more traditional company. The quote is hand written on the basis of a (brief) conversation. This can be in the office and/or by telephone. You specify the time at which we can call you. Then, in a telephone conversation with you, all the relevant details are discussed. A detailed quote will then be provided as a result of this conversation.

Would you rather come by our office to go over the details of a production personally? Please give us a call to set up an appointment so we can reserve enough time for you.

Especially for our clients is an online knowledge-base with extensive information on virtually all subjects a client may face in the publication of his or her book. You can also download useful tools and templates in our download section. Register first to get access to all downloads as some downloads are only available after registration.

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